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10 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Color Scheme

By Aundrea Goodwin

October 7, 2020

One of the most important aspects of any event has got to be the color scheme and this certainly rings true when it comes to a wedding! From invites to flowers, bridesmaids dresses to table settings, a cohesive flow of color throughout your big day is going to make all the difference and really add that WOW factor.

But how do you choose your wedding color scheme when there are so many options out there? Do you go with the latest trends? Your favorite color? Does every detail have to be the exact same shade? Picking your color scheme can become totally overwhelming and can make or break the big day styling wise. Here are our top tips to help you narrow it down.

1. Going With Your Favorite Color

Do you already have a favorite color and plan to design your wedding around it? It’s definitely important to think about the overall aesthetic. You want to choose a wedding color scheme that you will live with for a lifetime.

It can definitely be a downfall to follow a trend, or go with a color that isn’t going to totally fit in with the overall look of your wedding. You may love coral orange but will this work with a winter wonderland theme? Think about what is most important to you when it comes to aesthetics. 

2. Incorporating Personality and Memories

A color that resonates with you and your partner such as birth stones or memories of your time together so far can be a good starting point. Maybe you want to add a hint of a holiday you’ve shared or a special event you’ve enjoyed. 

Look at your wardrobes, or even your home decor! Are your interiors more bold or neutral? Picking a base colour that resonates with you both is going to allow you to start thinking about the range of tones in your wedding color scheme that will bring everything together. At the end of the day, this moment is all about you two and seeing that in the color scheme makes for a truly memorable occasion.

3. Looking to the Seasons

A key tip when picking your wedding color scheme has got to be the season in which you are saying ‘I Do’. Winter or Fall weddings may make better use of richer, stronger colors such as reds, oranges and greens, blues and purples. Whereas a Spring wedding may look to more pastel colors such as lilacs and yellows. Summer? Teals and oranges, or even earthy sandy tones for a beachy feel. 

Think outside the box and remember you don’t have to go all out, a white base with just a hint of color here and there can be really breathtaking and more than enough to create a truly spectacular day. 

4. Creating a Floral Showstopper

What’s one of the most noticeable things at a wedding? Flowers! Table arrangements and bouquets are usually the central decor feature in weddings alike and choosing yours will certainly have an impact on your wedding color scheme. 

Remember; flowers are seasonal, so keep in mind what will be available for the date you have chosen. If you’ve already decided or have an idea of which flowers you would like to use, you could certainly base your color scheme around your chosen flower, whether red roses or green hydrangea. If you’re still not sure, our floral design team is always on hand to help! 

5. Location, Location, Location!

If you are struggling to pick your wedding color scheme, look to your venue. Whether a city wedding or a waterside wedding, indoors or outdoors, the location can really inspire which color palette you go for. 

If you’ve already found your venue, but can’t seem to decide on a color, think about the style of the location. Is it grand and lavish or simple and streamlined? 

Often locations that hold events regularly can provide ideas of what has worked before. This is not to say you have to follow the trend, (most certainly not!) but it may give you some inspiration and spark that yes moment.

6. Themed Wedding?

Does your wedding have a theme, or do you have an idea of the mood you’d like to create? This is your big day and you can let your imagination run wild. (Unsure? We have a great blog for ideas!)

You may be leaning towards having a small intimate day that’s soft and romantic with just your closest friends and family, or maybe your wedding dreams are of a more theatrical event full of drama and intrigue. However you are choosing to spend your day will undoubtedly have an impact on the colors you choose. Blush pinks and lighter tones create a classic romantic aura, yet if you’re after an eccentric party vibe, rich, bright jewel tones will work well.

7. Inspiration is All Around!

If you just cannot seem to make up your mind on a wedding color scheme for the big day, why not look to magazines or Pinterest? Creating mood boards, whether physically or digitally, can be a game changer when it comes to choosing the wedding decor and color palette.

Organising your big day, whilst it can be overwhelming, should also be fun and exciting and inspiration can come from anywhere.

8. Don’t be Too Strict on Yourself 

Try not to overthink it too much. If the color scheme seems to be your starting block but you’re at a dead end, move onto looking at other areas of your wedding. As we’ve discussed, you may be flicking through a wedding magazine and end up basing your color palette around a fabulous bouquet or why not head out with your bridesmaids and see what dresses you can find. 

9. Color Families

Remember, once you have chosen your wedding color scheme you don’t have to stick to it religiously. A top tip is to keep to your chosen color families which compliment each other, this will create a cohesive and pulled together look. 

What’s a color family? Well, colors in general are divided into three families, warm, cool and neutral. Whilst it’s not a color law to stick within these families, the colors in each family compliment each other well and create cohesion. You could even download a color wheel to your mobile or tablet, that way you can see what colors work well together, whenever you may need!

10. And Finally…

As stressful as weddings can be to organise, your day will be perfect no matter what color scheme you choose, this is your event and you can make it uniquely you! Why not take some of the pressure off and get in contact with the JP Events team of experts? As the one-stop shop for all your Nashville event needs, we can help.

From location to flowers, table settings to catering, at JP Events we specialize in helping to make your day stress free and magical, ensuring you can make the memories of a lifetime. 


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