If you are like most brides in Nashville (and around the world), you want your wedding day to be infused with uniqueness – you want it to be the kind of event that WOWs guests and the kind of event they will never forget.

How do you do that? How to add a personal touch to your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A vintage arrangement with your parents’ wedding photos. Creating this arrangement will not only make your wedding décor richer, but it will also honor the two love stories you like the most (aside from yours, of course): that of the people who brought you in this world through their love story. For a pretty effect, use faux vintage/ antique photo frames and crystal garlands. It will create such an elegant and beautiful piece of décor!
  • Big fans of a particular book, movie, or song? If you feel there’s some form of art out there that tells at least part of your love story, bring it forward. Put it on a nice poster and hang it as your wedding ceremony backdrop. It will definitely make the processional and the wedding vows moment feel even more unique and emotional!
  • Bridesmaids’ hangers with your monogram. Want to offer your bridesmaids something for the getting ready party? T-shirts, bathrobes and comfortable button-downs are really popular – and offering them on personalized hangers will make them even more special. It’s a nice touch that will be appreciated by the bridesmaids and it will look amazing in the photos.
  • Travel-infused tables. Are you and your loved one big travelers? If this is something you relate to and if this is something you want to bring forward in your wedding, use your passion to decorate and name the tables in a unique way. For instance, you could replace table numbers with the names of the places you loved (or just the places you want to visit together). People will love being seated at the Paris and London tables, rather than #1 and #2!

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