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Fun Alternatives to Your Usual Valentine’s Day Dinner Out

By Aundrea Goodwin

February 8, 2021
happy couple spending valentine's day at home

A Special Valentine’s Dinner with a Personal Chef (well, almost!).

This Valentine’s Day, forget the hassle of grabbing last-minute dinner reservations and toughing out the winter weather for a night on the town. We’ve come up with the perfect plan for making this Feb. 14 your best one yet. All you and your loved one need to do is channel your inner Bill Withers for a night in, celebrating “just the two of us”.

Make a ‘no phones’ rule

With cell phones, even staying in can make shutting out the rest of the world tough. Challenge yourselves by turning off your phones for a few hours or putting them in a different room to add a level of intimacy to your evening. Trust us: The breaking news alerts and Facebook notifications can wait.

Write each other love letters

This year is all about skipping the generic traditions and focusing on the one-of-a-kind bond you and your partner share. So skip the greeting card aisle, and instead, give one another a handwritten note that celebrates the reasons why you fell in love. Even if you think your partner has heard the words “I love you” a million times, we guarantee it will mean even more seeing it written out.

Make the living room rug your dance floor

We’ve all had dinners spoiled by loud music we didn’t really enjoy. Revisit your wedding playlist or make a brand new one with you and your partner’s favorite songs. Playing DJ will let you set the exact mood for your evening together, whether it’s quiet and romantic or wild and crazy. Pro tip: Skip the heels and opt for slippers or even bare feet so you two can dance as long as you want.

Look through old photos together

Break out that honeymoon album and start dreaming up what your next getaway together will look like, post-pandemic. Revisiting the pictures you’ve taken together will spark conversation about your favorite memories and inspire you to create new ones.

You pick the dress code

Your home, your rules. Make it a black-tie event and get glammed up before dinner, or dress down and keep it cozy. If you do decide to go all out, be sure to snap some photos together for posterity. (And be sure to tag @jpeventstn on Instagram so we can join your celebration!)

Forget rushing from store to store to snag all your Valentine’s Day goodies

We’ve got you covered with our Valentine’s Day catering meals to-go. Think of us as your personal chef, baker, and florist, all in one. Whether you want something easy and casual or a full steak dinner with surf and turf, we’re here to help. We even got the champagne and flowers, if you need them. Bouquets come with fresh greenery and a vase, which will make for the perfect centerpiece for your romantic dinner in!

Got kids? Let them play server

If you’ve got kids and can’t line up a babysitter, not to worry. Let them eat dinner first so you can enjoy dinner just the two of you. Then, invite your kids to play server. If they sound less than enthused by the opportunity, bribe them with a few chocolate covered strawberries from your catered meal!

At JP Events, we find joy in serving and are here to provide you with all the bells and whistles without any of the hassle. Cheers to making this Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget!


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