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Elegant Birthday Party Themes For Women

By Aundrea Goodwin

September 9, 2020
Planning a birthday party for your mom, sister, best friend, wife or other special woman in your life? Spark some inspiration with these elegant birthday party themes. A unique and elegant birthday party theme doesn’t have to equal a big budget. With some out-of-the-box thinking and a little bit of elbow grease, you can wow your guest of honor and make it a memorable event for all involved.

Champagne birthday

Before you land on a theme, rule out that it won’t be your guest of honor’s champagne birthday. After all, everyone only gets one chance to celebrate their champagne birthday.  If you’re not familiar, a champagne birthday is when you turn the age of the day you were born. For example, if you were born on the 25th, your champagne birthday happens you turn 25. If you find out the person you’ll be celebrating is having their champagne birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to pop some bubbly. But, don’t stop there. Turn the champagne birthday celebrations in to the birthday party theme. Set up some flutes, get champagne-shaped balloons and find a cupcake or cheesecake recipe that calls for champagne in the ingredients. Tip: A black and gold color scheme complements a champagne birthday celebration perfectly. 

Rosé party

On the topic of champagne, rosé theme birthday parties have been quite the trend, and for good reason! The colour scheme and décor is classy, rosé wine feels fancy (bonus: it’s affordable) and it’s the perfect fit for a woman in touch with her feminine side.  If you go this route, you have to try making rosé gummy bears! It’s fairly simple – you’ll need a bottle of rosé, some gelatin and a gummy bear mold A quick internet search will lead you to many variations of this recipe. 

Make it milestone themed

Anniversary milestones are typically reserved for wedding anniversaries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to inspire a birthday party theme. If you’re planning a party for a milestone birthday celebration, consider using the corresponding theme to inspire your color scheme, décor, desserts, activities and more.
  • 30 is pearl
  • 40 is ruby
  • 50 is golden
  • 60 is diamond
Tip: Wow your guest of honor by getting them a gift that matches their milestone birthday (hint: jewelry).

High tea

Want to throw a party that’s fit for a queen? Host an afternoon tea party. High tea offers a simple, laid back atmosphere – the perfect solution if you’re celebrating someone who is down to earth. High tea is also a very scalable party. It works whether you have 10 guests or even 100 guests.  To up the ante, hire a piano player for some soft and enjoyable background noise. If you want to be traditional, three tier stands at high tea parties are supposed to be served with the following courses:
  1. Savoury sandwiches and appetizers 
  2. Scones and jams
  3. Sweets and pastries 


If you like the idea of a laid back atmosphere without the tea party, consider a brunch. Again, brunch is well suited for a wide range of guest list numbers and the options for food are endless – made to order omelettes, pancake station, seafood, pasta, salads and more. And you can’t forget about the mimosas.  Brunch also lends itself well to Sunday which means more people might be able to make it since most parties and events fall on Friday or Saturday evenings. 

Wine and charcuterie

A wine and charcuterie party can be less formal and more casual in nature than a sit down meal, but it doesn’t feel any less elegant. Offer guests perfectly paired wine with meats and cheeses. Grazing tables are gaining popularity. Not only are they delicious, but they look very aesthetic and can almost double as a décor piece. We anticipate guests will have their phone out in no time getting the perfect photo of your grazing table for social media.

Spa party

Anyone else feel the older they get the more tiring parties and get togethers are? If you’re feeling the same, a spa party is the perfect solution. Why not celebrate one year older by doing something that will help reverse the effects of aging, like a spa day (not that anything is wrong with aging).  You can either coordinate visiting a local spa – most can accommodate groups of parties and offer curated spa packages that include several treatments. Or, look in to a mobile spa service that will come right to your house. Turn your house in to a spa-like oasis by dimming the lights, setting up tea light candles, playing calming music and serving some light snacks and refreshments. 

Let’s flamingle

A quick trip to the department store or dollar store and you’ll find tons of flamingo-themed décor – from balloons, to signs, party favors and more. Flamingos are having their moment – they’re fun, bright and give us tropical vibes. So, if you have a flamingo lover in your life, you need to incorporate this lovely creature in to their birthday party theme.

Margaritas and tacos

Margaritas and tacos will take you and all your guests on an instant vacation to a warm sunny beach – and the best part – without the jet lag. Set up a build your own taco station with all the fixings. We suggest offering several types of meat (beef, chicken, fish) and even a meat alternative option as well. You can offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic margaritas, just don’t forget about salt for the rim.  Tip: Throw some cerveza in the cooler or fridge for anyone looking for a less sweet beverage option.

Enchanted forest

Bring out the earthy vibes with an enchanted forest birthday party. For this theme we envision lots of greenery to set the tone with hints of a pastel color scheme. Rustic touches like wooden signs will elevate the look even more. For food? Offer lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to honor nature. No matter what birthday party theme you pick, the key to a successful party is organization. Allocate your budget, track your spending and keep guests apprised of the event well in advance and you’re sure to throw and amazing party. Sound overwhelming? Our team of event-planners can help keep your next party running smoothly. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

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