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Crafting a Personalized Menu For Your Corporate Event

By Aundrea Goodwin

November 18, 2020

Planning, organizing and putting on a corporate event can be extremely stressful without the right help. First and foremost, when it comes to large events, the most common stress factor falls down to the food.

Whether you are catering for 50 or 150 guests, ensuring everyone is happy is paramount. Hungry colleagues and clients do not make for the best event! At JP Events we organize corporate gatherings all the time, so we know exactly how to run the operation smoothly.

Come on, who doesn’t love a great menu and a professional, freshly prepared meal? It’s the highlight of any event. Crafting a personalised menu for your corporate event will get your guests excited for the day.

Still not sure whether crafting a personalized menu for your corporate event is what you need to do? Read on…


Time is of The Essence

When catering for large groups it is impossible to take orders on the day. It is so important that you create a custom, personalized menu for your event.

At a corporate event, time is often well planned out and the smallest delays can make or break the whole day. There is rarely time to take multiple orders, prepare and cook them. Pre-planning and crafting a personalised menu will help your event run smoothly.

Unlike a leisurely lunch, corporate events often adhere to a strict timetable. Talks, workshops and exercises are commonplace and a meal that runs over due to lack of planning could throw the whole day out.

Save Your Money

Although it may seem like an unnecessary spend at the time, believe us, crafting a personalized menu is a money-saver. The food wastage, and financial losses, that come without a pre-prepared menu can be huge.

With a customized menu, the right amount of food can be bought and cooked. You know exactly what each guest wants, so food wastage is hugely minimized. You’re not trying to cover all basis’ with no knowledge.

Guests are Prepared

Following on from the above, crafting a personalized menu means your guests are aware of their choices. Whether you have guests pre-order or simply inform them of the choices prior to the day, saves confusion over what to have.

Not only this, a great personalized menu that keeps guests happy, means they will always be ready to come back for more! If entertaining clients, people always remember the food.

We know word of mouth equals the best marketing. Potential new clients may hear about your fabulous corporate event menu and be raring to join the next.

Dietary Requirements

In today’s day and age, many people have specific dietary requirements. Whether allergies or simply likes and dislikes, pre-planning your corporate menu ensures each guest is catered for.

A personalized menu allows guests to query ingredients, or you could even include a list on your menu. Whilst there are so many dietary concerns for people nowadays, it is often best to stick to 3 choices.

A meat eaters option, a fish option and a vegan option (which can cater to vegetarian.) This should cover most basis, without having too many changes. You may find gluten free or dairy free are also popular choices.

One thing to remember is you don’t need a full-blown restaurant menu and guests are unlikely to expect such a thing. A well thought out, concise corporate event menu is best.

Set the Tone

Having a custom menu at your corporate event shows a level of professionalism. It sets a great tone for the day and also allows for conversation between guests. Food brings people together, fact! Fantastic preparation leads to happy colleagues and clients.


Designing Your Corporate Event Menu

Now we’ve looked at why you should create your custom menu, let’s look to how to achieve it. Creating a sophisticated corporate event leaves a great impression of your business or company. There are a few key things that we always stick to when creating personalized menus for our corporate clients.


Can You Read It?

Designing a corporate event menu that is easy to read and coherent is our top tip. You don’t want guests confused over what food they’ll be eating. Keep it simple, yet informative. Let them know whether its vegi friendly or gluten free.

Catering to your audience in terms of language is important. No-one likes to be left scratching their head. They may even find it embarrassing to ask what something means. Making sure your corporate event menu is legible is extremely important.


All Down to Design

Second to legible, has to be the design. Make sure it fits in with your corporate image and that the font can be deciphered. Light coloured backgrounds with darker lettering is the go to. Should it fit with your aesthetic, adding a border can be a sophisticated touch and won’t distract from the words.

Adding your logo to your corporate event menu adds a professional touch and you never know, people may keep their menu as a memoir. Your brand being centre to the menu will remind them of the great day they had with you.


Order of Events?

You could even incorporate your menu into an order of events. A great idea is to have a range of event stationery that complements the entire day. A programme style booklet with a menu slotted in is an excellent touch. A well thought out, well planned event leaves a lasting impression.

A lack-lustre event just won’t leave people with confidence in the company or corporation. The way to your guests’ hearts? Great food and a great well-prepared, personalised menu.


We’re here to help!

Let JP Events take away the stress of planning your corporate event. Being totally present on the day means you can entertain your guests as you should. We take the pressure off and ensure the day runs smoothly, food included!

We do the running around, so you don’t have to. At JP Events, our team is excellent at what we do and we are the one-stop-shop for all of your event needs.  Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.





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