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Creating a beautiful dance floor for your wedding

By Aundrea Goodwin

August 26, 2020
Your dance floor is arguably one of the most important elements of your wedding – it’s where your guests will make memories and where you and your significant other will share a first dance together as a married couple. Despite all of this, the dance floor is often one of the most overlooked aspects of couple’s weddings.  If you’re reading this and realizing you haven’t given your dance floor much thought, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with simple tips to help bring some life to the dance floor on your wedding day. 

First ask yourself: Is the reception inside or outside?

The first step to decorating a dance floor for your wedding depends on whether your reception is inside or outside. If inside… You probably don’t have much prep to do to get your dance floor ready since your venue likely already has a dedicated space for dancing. However, depending on how big the room is and the size of your guest list, you may have to place tables on the dance floor during dinner and move them once it’s time for the real party to start. It’s a good idea to ask your venue about the layout of your dance floor so you’re prepared ahead of time. They might also be able to offer different layouts depending on the size of your guest list and your preference, so it’s best to start these conversations sooner rather than later.  If outside… You’ll need to determine where the dance floor will be and figure out how you’ll set it up. If you’re using a venue, they probably have a dance floor they can set up and take down, or will outsource the work to a preferred vendor. If your reception is taking place on a private property, you’ll need to figure out a DIY solution or seek out a vendor to build a dance floor so people aren’t dancing on an uneven surface.

Place your dance floor over a pool

If you do happen to fall in to the category of hosting your reception outside on a private property, why not build a dance floor over the pool? If your reception space is tight, it turns the pool in to a useable space. And whether you need the added space or not, a dance floor over the pool adds a super cool ambiance to your reception. 

Monogram your dance floor

Sometimes you have to go big or go home, like adding a monogram to your dance floor. It may seem a bit over the top, but if you’re personalizing every other aspect of your wedding, why not also personalize the dance floor as well?

Decorative ceilings 

A decorative ceiling over the dance floor won’t go unnoticed. Whether you go for florals, string lights, or linens, a decorative ceiling ups the ante and helps differentiate your wedding from other large gatherings.

Balloon garland

Balloon garlands are a popular decoration trend, and for good reason. A balloon garland adds dimension to your décor and can make for an amazing photo background as well. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also scatter some balloons around the dance floor (everyone will feel like a kid again!). 

Don’t overlook the lighting

Most DJs offer a package that includes some type of lighting. If you’re hiring a DJ for your reception, make sure to ask about their lighting packages to find one that helps you achieve the vibe you’re looking for. If your reception is outside, string lights help bring a soft, romantic ambiance to the dance floor.

Smoke machine

A smoke machine is a great addition especially for your first dance, and will make your photos look magical. It’s also a great way to get guests fired up when the real dancing and party gets started.

Go old school and hang up a disco ball

Retro vibes anyone? A disco ball is such a fun addition to your dance floor. It’s a bit old school, but nothing says party time quite like having a disco ball at your wedding reception. Speaking of old school…

Silent disco

Silent discos are gaining popularity at wedding receptions. Since the music is broadcasted through headphones rather than a speaker system, a silent disco can be the perfect solution if your reception venue has strict noise restrictions. Or, if your wedding is outside on a private property, it can save you some complaints from the neighbours. You can also have a few different playlists available so guests can choose their music preference that will get them moving and grooving. 

Consider your playlist ahead of time

While your playlist isn’t directly related to your dance floor, you can’t forget to create a playlist or share song suggestions with your DJ ahead of time. Some popular wedding songs tend to be polarizing – you either love them or hate them. Inform your DJ of your ‘must play’ and ‘do not play’ songs.  Tip: Ask guests to share a song suggestion when they RSVP to your wedding. After putting thought in to your dance floor, the last thing you want is for it to be empty. By allowing guests to share song requests, you ensure everyone has a song that will put them in the dancing mood.


Guests might not remember the speeches at your wedding, what the meal was or even what your flowers were – but, we can guarantee that ten years later they will remember how much fun they had on the dance floor at your wedding. So, don’t forget to add some unique touches to your dance floor to make it extra memorable for you and your guests.  Not sure where to start when it comes to the dance floor for your wedding? Connect with us today – our team of experienced wedding planners can help you create an unforgettable dance floor experience.  Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

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