Long gone are the days when wedding cake toppers were all about bride and groom figurines (and most of them looked the same). Today, creativity roams wild in the world of cake toppers, and every bride and groom wants their cake topper to be a reflection of their personality and love story.

What are some of the biggest trends when it comes to cake toppers right now, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Your names. When put together, your names create a powerful story: a story of love and commitment. You are no longer “John” and “Jill”, separately. You are a married couple – and most people will refer to you as one from now on. A really unique way of putting your names on the cake is by choosing a cake topper that writes them with a special font. This kind of topper is so versatile that it will look perfect on every type of wedding cake under the sun.
  • Your family name. Your names are one thing – but your surname has now become one in the eyes of everyone (including the law, right?). Why not make this part of your wedding cake? “The Smiths” or “The Joneses” could land on your wedding cake in a myriad of fabulous ways, and the topper could be made from anything you can imagine, to suit your personality and your style.
  • Wooden dolls. Bride and groom figurines are still an option for wedding cake toppers – but if you want an original twist on the classics, why not top your cake with two very minimalist figurines of yourselves? This works marvelously well for rustic chic weddings, so you could also add a eucalyptus wreath to the décor of the cake – it will look so, so pretty!
  • Geometric. Want your cake topper to make the entire cake feel urban and minimalist? Opt for something with harsh geometric shapes, inscribed with your names and wedding date. It’s simple, but it will look absolutely fantastic on a wide variety of cake styles, so everyone’s bound to love it!

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