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Choose the Right Flowers for Your Nashville Wedding

By JP Events Staff

June 14, 2021

Have you ever been at a wedding and stopped dead in your tracks just to admire the floral
arrangements? Us too.

Flowers have been a head-turner at the most memorable weddings for as long as anyone can remember. It’s almost impossible to envision a wedding without them.

We’re constantly falling for floral arrangements with a romantic flair. From centerpieces to
ceiling décor, elaborate entryways to impressive bouquets, floral arrangements are almost a guaranteed showstopper when done the right way. Just ask our very own Head Floral Designer, David Block.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely your turn to create that “Wow!” moment for your wedding
guests. We’re here to help you choose the right wedding flowers for you and, in the process, save you time and money and make your planning process that much easier.

Why you should be intentional in choosing your wedding flowers

First, floral design plays a big role in the look and feel of your big day. Whether soft and hopeful or bright and powerful, flowers help capture the whole emotional experience.

Second, budget is always a factor when it comes to flowers. Some couples decide to spend big on floral design, but you don’t have to. Stunning Nashville wedding floral arrangements can be worked into any budget, especially when you consider the season, availability and anticipated costs of the flowers you choose.

Now that we’ve uncovered the importance of planning the wedding floral design, let’s dig up the dirt to uncover which flowers to choose and why.

Certain flowers portray certain meanings, so choose wisely!

It’s been well known that to be a good green thumb, we should talk to our plants. But for
centuries they’ve been talking back to us with primitive meanings.

Flowers convey a message all on their own. Their symbolic language dates back to the Victorian era, where the condition and position of presentation played a big role. There were even guidebooks to help decipher a flower’s expression. The silent dialogue has had varying translations, but a debutante and suitor knew to use them as a way to convey closed questions, such as ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

The very same species of a flower could offer differing (and strikingly opposing) meanings. A white carnation, for example, was offered as a gift for its symbol of purity and women’s good luck. Yet when that same flower came in the shade of red, it carried much more melancholy vibes with a message of heartache.

While we love to see white roses in a wintry wedding, Germany has a deep-rooted tradition of offering white flowers at a funeral. And although yellow roses might signify betrayal or jealousy, red roses are almost universally known to represent passion, desire and love.

Or take the orchid, a common placement in summertime weddings. Orchids are cross-culturally and historically associated with virility and romance (not a bad choice, if you ask us). Lilies, too, carry a general meaning of purity and fertility. But as with roses, each color carries a significance all its own.

The flowers you select actually save you money

It’s true — Choosing flowers that bloom in the season you get hitched will ultimately shave off some of your costs. For instance, if you have a winter wedding but you want lilacs, chances are you’ll have to search for a distributor outside of your chilly climate, which could cost more than sourcing locally. Camellias, however, which thrive in winter, will likely cost you less (and we really love white in winter).

Here are some examples of appropriate pairings for flowers in bloom during the season of your wedding.

In the springtime season of growth and new beginnings, opt for peonies, hyacinths and tulips. These light and bright aromatic flowers tend to bring a cheerful, hopeful vibe to your wedding floral design.

Summertime weddings pair well with poppies, sunflowers and hydrangeas. These seasonal flowers offer a heady scent and warming essence, playing off a beach theme or other outdoor venue.

Chrysanthemums and dahlias are stunning complements to fall weddings. You can also capture the hues of the season with rich-colored roses and burnt orange oak leaves.

Winter’s fading light is illuminated by the presence of antique-like florals such as eucalyptus and blue-gray juniper. The breathtaking backdrop of this timeless season could be accented by arrangements of crisp white roses and holly berries.

The main takeaway? Get proactive in planning your wedding floral design, and make sure you understand the costs, availability and deep-rooted meaning behind your choices!

Whether you go for cascading blooms in a bridal bouquet or place a dramatic tablescape at your reception, a great floral arrangement will make a lasting impact for you and your guests.

Now that we’ve planted the seed of inspiration for building your dream-worthy wedding floral arrangement, it’s time to start creating! Unsure of where to start? Call us or refer to our services for Nashville’s premier floral design consultation. For even more, we’re offering our community the opportunity to learn how to design and arrange all kinds of floral centerpieces in our innovative series of Floral Design& Arrangement Classes.

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