They say your wedding reception is for the guests – but your wedding ceremony is for you. After all, the ceremony is why the reception happens – so when it comes to adding personality and uniqueness to your Big Day, your ceremony is also where you should start (and what you should definitely prioritize).

How do you make your Nashville wedding ceremony feel more… personal? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Location matters. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are very feasible even during the cool seasons of the year – and although it might get chillier if you’re having an actual winter wedding, you can always keep guests warm by offering the cute blankets and place heaters around the ceremony space. If you don’t want an outdoor ceremony, or if you want a religious one in a church, make sure the location you choose has some sort of significance for you (e.g. the church where your mom got married).
  • Music matters too. If you want to have a religious ceremony in a church, you won’t have much flexibility in terms of what music can be played (especially true for traditional denominations, such as Catholicism, for example). If you do have a choice to make, be sure you include songs that actually speak to you, for every single moment of the ceremony.
  • Décor matters too. Decorate your wedding ceremony in a way that really reflects who you are. Even a simple wedding ceremony backdrop featuring a quote you love can go a long way when it comes to this!
  • Skip tradition. Add a small “traditional trespass” to your wedding – such as being walked down the aisle by both your mom and your dad, or walking down the aisle alone. Replace something traditional with something that feels more personal (e.g. the traditional candle lighting ceremony can be replaced with a sand ceremony, for example). Ask someone you love to do a reading during the ceremony. Do something that’s not necessarily traditional, but ads sentimentalism and personality to this special moment in your life.

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