Mission, Vision, Values

JP Events is defined by its commitment to service.


JP Events is a full-service event planning and production company whose mission is to graciously serve others the only way we know how — by creating great food and memorable experiences.


To be the leader of the event planning industry by putting service, innovation and attention at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Core Values

Service – To put it simply, the most important value to us is providing our clients (and their guests) with the highest level of service possible. We are fiercely dedicated to ensuring our clients look back on every event with smiles on their faces. It is how we fulfill our purpose and how we measure our greatness

Quality – Our commitment to quality stems from our commitment to service. The client comes first, always. We pour love into each and every detail of our work. We treat you just as we would our closest friends and family.

Professionalism – Being professional means being responsive in a timely manner with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook. It means listening more than talking and delivering more than what’s expected. That’s what we promise each and every client.

Community – JP Events’ founder Aundrea Goodwin has served her community (and country) since she was six years old. Every day she lives according to Matthew 20:28 “just as the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

Innovation – We strive to be at the forefront innovation. Designing and delivering unique, jaw-dropping events and experiences that leave clients and their guests wondering “how did they do that?” We are driven to do this, not to beat out the competition, but to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Simplicity – Leonardo da Vinci is famously quoted for saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and we couldn’t agree more. Be it the event or the planning process, we aim for simplicity. Even when we bring the most grandiose visions to life, we make sure our clients feel the planning process was effortless and seamless and that the outcome is nothing short of perfection.

Attention to Detail – Whether we’re planning a client’s event or running our business, we never take shortcuts. We always have the big picture in mind and take time to carefully plan every step and consider every detail in order to ensure clients have an extraordinary experience.

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