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When you grow up the way I did, food means something special.

It’s not just about what you make or how you make it. Food is the foundation for everything good in life. It’s about spreading love and community. It’s about serving others. And in that work, my grandmother taught me just about everything I know.

As a kid, I was a fixture in my grandmother’s kitchen. She did everything from scratch — never wrote anything down — and I would help her sift the flour, measure the vanilla, cut the apples, crack and scramble the eggs. We made pound cake and peach cobbler. We canned vegetables and cooked dinner. It didn’t matter if she was serving our family or another one down the street. They all got the best my grandmother had to give.

That love of food and service stuck with me, even as life took me away from the kitchen — first to the Army, then to a 17-year career in corporate HR. In time, it brought me back to where I’m meant to be.

A few years back, I joined a Bible study group at the home of a friend. They knew I could cook and started to make requests every week. Before long, they were asking me to cater birthday parties, make cakes, and create an anniversary feast. I’ve always had a servant’s heart, always considered it better to give than for people to give to me. And this work I was doing over nights and weekends quickly became my greatest joy.

So I turned it into a business. We started as a catering company focused on delicious food and unrivaled customer service. Our name was Joyful Provisions — a perfect choice for so many reasons: “Joyful” for both the joy we wanted to bring and the joy received by serving others, and “Provisions” for the lovingly prepared food we would provide. But as we catered, we realized providing the ultimate in service to our customers meant helping them with more than just the food. They needed someone to apply the same care, same attention to detail and quality across the entire event planning process. They wanted peace of mind knowing that the same love that went into their food went into every other detail of their event. And so Joyful Provisions evolved into JP Events, a full-service event planning company. It’s been a labor of love ever since.

I believe that greatness comes from serving others, and that’s what we do. We pull out all the stops to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. We take care of every last detail. We always find a way to say “yes.” And in the process, we curate beautiful, memorable events that always leave our clients and their guests smiling.

My grandmother never got to see JP Events come to life, but I feel her presence in everything we do. She taught me how to give everything I have to the people I serve. And I know she would be proud.

Thank you for letting us be part of your most important days. I promise, we won’t let you down because your happiness is our success.

Yours in service,

Aundrea Goodwin

Founder, JP Events

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Aundrea Goodwin

Owner & Founder

Solandie Exantus

Executive Chef

Lexi Francisco

Executive Pastry Chef

David Block

Lead Floral Designer

Brianna Ewell

Pastry Chef

Jax Duke

Principal Planner


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