Brides frequently feel a lot of pressure to add a lot of elements to their wedding that aren’t that necessary. If you have a large budget and a lot of time to plan the wedding, that’s fine – other than that though, there are plenty of wedding day elements you can definitely skip and nobody will mind (in fact, chances are people won’t even notice these things are missing).

What are the items you should definitely not splurge on when planning your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Day-of stationery. Not all day-of stationery is completely useless. Place cards are, for example, quite important if you want people to be able to smoothly find their seats. However, things like wedding programs and wedding menus can be skipped entirely. You can just use wedding signs in place, and they will cost a lot less (not to mention, there will be a lot less hassle involved in dealing with these, rather than hundreds of programs and menus).
  • Wedding favors. We won’t lie: wedding favors are nice to have. But they aren’t a must in any way, and many of your guests will not even notice you haven’t offered them. You can keep this low-budget and offer cookies made after a family recipe, for example. Or you can skip it altogether if you want to. It’s your choice and yours alone.
  • Chair décor. Again, it’s nice to add a bit of décor to your wedding seats – but it’s not really that necessary. If the chairs look good, you can definitely skip decorating them. And even if you do want to stick to this, you can still keep it very low-budget (e.g. just adding a bit of greenery, for example).
  • Wedding ring boxes. Your Ring Bearer can carry the rings on a traditional pillow, or even in a small wooden box (e.g. for a rustic wedding for example). And your photographer can shoot pictures of your rings in different backgrounds (such as with the bridal bouquet, for instance). Save yourself the money and don’t buy fancy wedding ring boxes – after the wedding, you’ll keep the rings on your fingers anyway.

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