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Skip The Dinner Party And Try A Cooking Class Party

By Aundrea Goodwin

July 15, 2020
For your next event, whether it’s a birthday party, family get together, bachelorette party or even a corporate function, consider booking a private cooking class. Every host is looking for a unique idea to make their party stand out. If that’s you, we recommend a cooking class party where your guests can learn to recreate their delicious meal. 

Here are 9 reasons why cooking parties are growing in popularity:

1. Host a cooking class party from the comfort of home, or a venue of your choice

A cooking class party offers you the flexibility of hosting a party where it’s convenient for you. Your personal chef can teach you new culinary skis from the comfort of your own home or kitchen (bonus: you’ll learn how to put all your small kitchen appliances and gadgets to good use).  Looking for something hassle-free? Opt for a venue instead. Places like a banquet hall that allows you access to the kitchen, or a home rental with a large kitchen are great options. A venue is ideal if you need to accommodate a larger group or don’t want to make a mess in your own place. 

2. Cooking classes are suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels

Not everyone is a gourmet cook, and that’s okay! Although some guests may feel intimidated to attend a cooking class party, an experienced chef will know how to manage different skill levels and highlight each individual’s strengths. And, if people are lacking in the cooking department, then what better reason to attend a cooking class anyways? It’s a great way to learn practical kitchen skills that can be used for years to come. And as for children and teenagers, it’s never too early to teach them about cooking. Plus they will learn crucial safety skills like proper knife handling and understanding the importance of never leaving an appliance unattended.

3. Cooking classes offer a relaxed and down-to-earth environment 

When opening the page to a new recipe, it can be intimidating to even know where to begin (especially for novice chefs). But, with the help of a professional chef, learning a new recipe can be a breeze. Add in the fact that you’ll be around your friends and family who will help you laugh at your mistakes, makes it a wonderful alternative to pulling your hair out trying to learn a new recipe on your own.

4. You’ll learn to make a full course meal

Just because you and your guests will be preparing your own food doesn’t mean you’ll skimp out on any courses. Your personal chef will work with you to design a menu fit for the occasion. Together, you’ll come up with an appetizer, entrée and dessert that will offer something for everyone. The best part? After creating a menu you love, you’ll know how to cook it again and again for future events! 

5. You and your guests can explore international cuisine

Since you’ll have a chef showing you the ropes, a cooking class party is a great excuse to get out of your comfort zone. So, if there’s an international food you love eating but have failed miserably trying to recreate at home, suggest it as a dish for your party. 

6. Discover new and unique ingredients

You’ll be introduced to new and unique ingredients you have never heard of before. Or, maybe you have, but never knew how to prepare them properly. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you’re brave enough, we recommend going carte blanche with your menu – you may be blown away by what you’ve been missing.

7. Food and beverage pairing 101 

Food is great, but we can’t forget about beverages either. Ever wonder what drinks to serve with a meal? You can learn how to properly pair flavors with beverages (alcoholic or not). 

8. Leave guests with a parting gift – a new recipe!

With a cooking class party, there’s no need to research party favors. The best favor of all is that your guests are left with a new recipe (that they know how to cook!). If you want to really wow everyone, have the meals you cook printed on a recipe card – it’s the perfect parting gift for guests to take home.

9. Bond with your loved ones or foster team building

Nothing brings people together quite like the way food does. Food has a special place in our lives – from family traditions, passed down recipes to being a part of our heritage. Learning how to cook a recipe with friends and family is one of the best ways you can bond together.  If you’re hosting a corporate function, don’t underestimate the team building skills a cooking class can offer. When preparing food, everyone has a role to play. Problem-solving, communication and leadership are just a few of the lessons that can be learned during a cooking class.  Now that you know why a cooking class party can be a total hit for your next event, we’ll leave you with a few tips to take it to the next level… Tips for a successful cooking class party:
  • If you really want to kick it up a notch, order matching aprons made for you and your guests – it’s a fun way to commemorate your family gathering, bachelorette party or even corporate event.
  • Organize some take out containers for guests to bring home any leftover food. You all worked hard to make your meals, so don’t let any go to waste.
  • Plan some fun games. Organize food trivia or break the ice by asking everyone to share their favorite food or favorite family recipe.
  • Remind your guests to embrace their mistakes. Messes will be made, things will be dropped, dishes will be broken and food will be burned. It’s all a part of the learning process and that’s okay!
There are lots of reasons to love a cooking class party, but our favorite of all has to be how rewarded you and your guests will feel after cooking your own meal. While you could take the simple route and have your event catered, it will never be as memorable when you and your guests cook a meal together. Have fun cooking!  Have we convinced you to organize a cooking class party? Learn more about our cooking classes – we’ll help you plan a unique celebration for your next event.  Photo by fauxels from Pexels

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