Let’s face it: desserts are amazing. We don’t know who was the first person ever to realize that sweets make us happy – but if we knew, we’d declare them a world hero.

It’s hard to imagine life with no sweets whatsoever – and even harder to imagine our biggest life events without a sweet treat. Weddings make no exception from the rule – but what other options are there, aside from the classic wedding cake (to complement it, or, why not, to provide an entirely different alternative to it)?

Well, there are a LOT of sweets you could serve at your wedding – and following, we have gathered a few of the most popular ones. Read on and steal some inspiration from us:

  • A table full of candy. M&M, gummy bears, chocolate bars – you name it, and then add it to your candy bar. Of course, candy bars that include cookies and other more homemade goodies are perfect too – but we guarantee your guests will love the idea of indulging in their favorite candy bars (just to make sure they have enough energy to dance all night long, of course).
  • Milk and cookies. An absolute classic in terms of comforting sweet treats – and one you can definitely bring into your wedding day too. To make it more interesting, why not serve this as “milk shots” and cookies? It will add a fun twist to this adorable dessert every single guest loves.
  • Fruit salads. How about serving something sweet, full of flavor and healthy? A fruit salad – or even better, a fruit salad bar where guests can DIY their favorite combination – is a great idea. People just love juicy fruits, and if you provide them with a variation large enough, as well as a couple of toppings (such as whipped cream and brand), they will not be able to resist the temptation.
  • Candied apples. This all-time classic fair dessert is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. There’s something about their cinnamon smell that makes these apples amazing and comforting – something nobody will ever be able to resist!

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