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Wedding Colors that WOW: How to choose the perfect color scheme for your Nashville wedding

By Aundrea Goodwin

March 22, 2021

One of the first decisions you need to make in the process of planning a southern wedding doesn’t involve flowers or food or music. This one is all about color. 

Your wedding color scheme ties your event together as you’re tying the knot. It creates a seamless experience, from your save-the-dates and invitations to venue decorations, wedding party attire and floral arrangements. And it can be as unique as your relationship to one another — an extension of you and your partner’s personalities and style.

We’ve seen a lot of wedding venues with extravagant color schemes, and we’re sharing our favorite creations with you. If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, chances are you’re slightly overwhelmed with where to go for color inspiration. But fear not! We’re here to serve you a step-by-step guide to choosing the perfect colors that will complement your style and theme while making your wedding unique and memorable. 

Pick Your Wedding Base Color 

We’ve found that, in building a wedding color palette, it’s best to start with a base color. This could be the color that you’re most drawn to or something that reflects your mood, personality or state of mind. A base color will be the focus as you start to develop a theme and color scheme. 

Looking for inspiration? Think about fond memories and favorite things about you and your partner. Is there a common color that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s something reminiscent of a place you enjoyed together or a holiday you can’t forget.

In this process, consider the feelings certain colors are known to evoke. Blue, for instance, is calming and cool, reminiscent of the sea and the sky. Yellow represents happiness, optimism and inspiration (think sunshine and smiley faces). Purple stimulates the imagination and is the color of royalty, luxury and wealth. Red is the color of confidence, excitement and energy — and, of course, love and passion. Green is joyful and harmonious, the color of nature. And orange symbolizes warmth, vibrancy and enthusiasm. 

Once a base color is chosen, you can start to expand your palette with hues, shades, and an accent, which can be as contrasting or complimenting as you want. Again, think about the emotion you want to convey and how those colors will look across your flowers, your table decorations and your bridal party. If you love it, chances are, your guests will, too. is a great website to help you play with different color schemes. It also gives you the color codes which you can use to make sure all the exact same colors are used in your invites, wedding website, wedding signage, and any other fun decor you may have throughout the day.  

Play Off the Wedding Venue Atmosphere

In choosing a color scheme for your wedding, it’s wise to consider the venue and the environment. 

If a beach or waterfront is your desired destination in saying, “I do,” you could choose nautical blue hues or sea glass green. Rich, romantic shades such as onyx black or burgundy, on the other hand, can be beautiful against a more neutral backdrop.

Choosing colors that pair well with your venue’s existing decor can go a long way toward setting the perfect scene for your big day.

If your wedding is outside by the sea, maybe this palette would complement your style 

Speak to the Season

The time of year you tie the knot is another factor to consider in the selection of your wedding color palette. Seasonal colors are a real thing, so why not create your color scheme based off of the season you get hitched? 

Autumn weddings typically fall back on burnt orange or maroon, and winter runs cool with hues of elegant navy blue or deep emerald green. In spring, opt for something soft, like a dusty rose. Right now, we’re working on a lot of summertime weddings, which can be an opportunity to incorporate big, bright colors like punchy yellow. 

If you’ve been dreaming of a fall wedding but yellow is your color of choice, think of ways to balance the bright, summery feel with some more autumnal shades. Yellow with complements of orange and deep red could turn your wedding into a gorgeous fall bouquet and bring both your dreams to life. 

Ready to Bring Your Wedding Color Palette to Life?

Now that we’ve unveiled the secrets to curating the perfect color scheme, you can get to work planning the rest of your wedding. Better yet, reach out to our team at JP Events. We handle all the details to provide you with the highest level of service and the least amount of stress so you can focus on enjoying every moment leading up to your big day.  

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